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How We Work

We have two ways to undertake accounting related work

1. Online process by linking to your server/desktop through software like "Team viewer" or "go to my PC" and doing work as required on your computers and using your software . Next day work done by us in 8 hours is saved on your computer desktop by our name and date.

2. Offline Process In this work/documents are uploaded to our Desktop/server via mail or dropbox or ibackup etc by you . We then download the same next day and do the work in next 8 hours in same software purchased by us and then we send you completed documents/back up via mail or dropbox.

Quality We follow the client instructions and client's previous examples of similar work .In case of queries, we ask questions via email/Skype and then do the work as required.

Turnaround The work is done within minimum 24 hours or as per target timeline given to us.

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